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Behind the Design - Love is What We're Here For

Love is What We're Here For. This one's designed by Patrick, it's our first lyric tee, drawn from a yet unreleased Paravel song called Rebel.

It's a statement that we're really passionate about. This world has enough negativity, enough critics, enough gossip, enough violence, enough division, but we want to stand behind the statement that Love is What We're Here For. In our own funny little way, we hope that what starts as a lyric in a song or a design on a t-shirt becomes a way of life, both for ourselves and for those exposed to the idea. We sell t-shirts like this because we want to throw something positive back into the world. A message that fosters community, forgiveness, redemption, kindness, empathy, in a cultural landscape that seems to be on short supply of these things.

There are so many ideas floating around about why we exist on this planet, some worse than others. But this one we really believe to be true:

L O V E   I S   W H A T   W E ' R E   H E R E   F O R

Much love, ya'll.

- Patrick

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